Thy Kingdom Come – 10 days of Prayer

Like many churches around the nation, starting on Thursday 10th May, KBC is taking part in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ ten days of prayer with a special focus on Saturday 12th May. These are the ten days prior to the celebration of Pentecost when we remember how the first disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. There are prayer stations around the church which include intercessions for our community, our church, our world (together with our missionaries- the Mahon family in Peru and Jane Edwards in Mozambique) and for individuals. Whether you have a few minutes or an hour or two, people are encouraged to enjoy some quiet reflection. We are praying for guidance, renewal and a fresh vision – personally and as a church.

KBC Pop-Up teas

On the 6th May KBC held their third Pop-Up Tea. These Teas are hosted monthly on Sunday afternoons for those who would otherwise be on their own. Held in a variety of homes people turn up from 5pm and have a friendly, informal time together. Neighbours and friends are invited too. This months was hosted by Doreen Ely. Transport, tea, sandwiches and cake provided by the ‘flying squad’.

KBC Recycling

Finally we have a new wheelie bin, recycling boxes and a food caddy after some persistent pressure. What seismic changes have occurred? – we now know that most tea bags have plastic in them and can’t go in the food waste and that the paper serviettes we use in the Coffee Shop can’t be recycled and go in general waste. A bar of fair trade chocolate to the first person who can find a supply of plastic free tea bags and recyclable serviettes.

KBC Prayer Tree

To allow all those from the many groups who pass through our doors each week to make prayer requests we have set up a Prayer Tree in the Church lobby area. There are heart shaped leaves for writing the prayer requests on and these are then hung on the branches. We then take these leaves and pray for the individual requests as part of our intercessions within our morning service.