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Found in 1807
Established in 1807 we are a busy town centre church with strong community links. We are a welcoming community and still learning what it means to be a ‘missional people’, as we develop the skills and confidence to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. We are currently undertaking an exciting two year Re-imagine process with 4 other Baptist churches within WEBA (West of England Baptist Association) and are reviewing all areas of our life and work. We are 45 members strong but with a considerable reach beyond this.

Our Beliefs and Values

We are a group of ordinary people who have discovered that it is possible to have a relationship with an extraordinary God. This God not only gave us a beautiful world to live in and an inspiring book – the Bible – to live by, but also took on human flesh in the person of Jesus so that we could relate to him more easily. The life of Jesus helps us to understand the Bible, and his death and resurrection make it possible for us to experience forgiveness and a fresh start. Through the gift of his Spirit, Jesus wants to empower us to continue the work he began on earth – to heal and bless individuals, to create a caring and just society, and to treasure the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Our hope is to see God’s Kingdom come “on earth as it is in heaven.” As a church, we realise how important it is that we model this transformation in our own lives, and our gatherings help us to gain fresh inspiration from the example of Jesus, to honestly share our experiences, and to support one another in our different areas of service. We encourage people to express their commitment to Jesus and to the family of the church through believer’s baptism and church membership. We recognise that each person’s experience of God is unique and that understanding can grow when we listen to each other and to those who hold different views. We work in partnership with other churches and are eager to do the same with any person, group or organisation who shares our concern for the flourishing of people, communities, and the natural world. To this end, we are part of Churches Together in Keynsham and Saltford and the West of England Baptist Association. We also belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain whose Declaration of Principle we adhere to.


Worship services are held on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. We enjoy a wide range of traditional hymns and modern worship songs. We have a burgeoning worship group combining the piano, guitar, violins, flute and bongos as well as the organ for more traditional music and services. Members are encouraged to lead worship and prayers. Communion services take place on the first Sunday and third Tuesday of each month. Prayer: Regular prayer takes place before morning services and a small group meets monthly to pray for those in particular need.

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